Orange Line

The Reflections Collection is a line of positive affirmation apparel designed to reflect an uplifting message when the wearer stands in the mirror. Named after her favorite color, the Orange Line was created for Alexes Harris. Friend, educator, author, esteemed social justice advocate, wife, but most of all, mommy - this line was created to encourage her through her fierce battle with cancer.  I'm fortunate to have many amazing women in my life, but none quite as graceful as Alexes. This process brings about unimaginable fears, pain, frustration and questions, but Alexes is the epitome of faith and endurance. The Orange Line is not only dedicated to Alexes, but the proceeds from sales go to, the organization that matched her with her marrow donor. Thank you to all who make a purchase!
Alexes, my hope is that when you wear these t-shirts, you are reminded that you truly are "a fighter, a warrior, a conqueror" and that you, my sister "can move mountains".  I pray daily.  

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